Weight Lifting and Chiropractic

Weight lifting can be beneficial to your back if carried out correctly. Safe training can help with pain prevention and post-injury rehabilitation. Ensure that your workout is free of muscle pain and injuries by following basic safety measures.

A good warm-up is the first step to a safe workout. Stretch your muscles and increase your body temperature prior to any weight lifting routine, because cold muscles are more prone to injury. Without warming up before training, it is easy to exacerbate an existing injury or cause a new one.

Find a qualified trainer to show you how to use the equipment properly. Misuse of weights and improper posture can cause major stress to the body, so ask your trainer about proper positioning to protect the back.

Start slowly and build your strength up progressively. In the beginning, focus on lighter weights, slowly building up to something a little heavier. Increase your workout time only when you’re physically strong enough to do so. It’s best not to push too hard when starting out with weights.

Working closely with a trainer and your chiropractor will ensure that your weight lifting routine provides the greatest overall benefit to your health.